The annual Solving Kids’ Cancer Neuroblastoma Parent Education Conference - a unique platform for parents and guardians of children affected by high-risk neuroblastoma and other individuals working in the neuroblastoma field to learn about some of the most innovative and up-to-date neuroblastoma research and treatments.

Watch our video from the 2018 conference to see what it's all about.

Neuroblastoma community

This is an opportunity for those in the neuroblastoma community to meet and socialise with each other and the Solving Kids’ Cancer team. Families get the opportunity to spend time with other families affected by neuroblastoma, and professional delegates can network with their peers and international counterparts.

Chief Executive Steve Richards shakes the hand of a teenage girl as her parents smile

Conference agenda

The conference features presentations on a variety of topics intended to provide delegates with vital information on some of the latest research and treatments.

Once again we are pleased to welcome experts from across the UK, continental Europe and the US, to share with us their extensive knowledge of high-risk neuroblastoma, and coping with the impact of a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Many are researchers who are seeking the discovery of more effective and targeted treatments for high-risk neuroblastoma, who will share their current work and future plans with us. Others have key insights to share that may help you to understand the nature and biology of this disease, and also to help deal with the psychosocial impact of such a devastating diagnosis on the family unit.

We’ll also hear from parents who have lived through this experience with their own child and deliver a concurrent session to the main conference programme, which will focus on ways to deal with and manage the long-term side effects of this disease and its treatment. This session will be parent-led and facilitated by long-term follow-up specialists and is aimed at parents of children who are 2+ years post-treatment and remain in remission.

Download the 2019 conference agenda.

Please note that all speakers and timings are subject to change at short notice.

Patients included

Our conference has ‘Patients Included’ status, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring it delivers research and clinical information that is important to parents and guardians of children with neuroblastoma. You can read how we meet the requirements.

Information for delegates

We invite two adults per family to register for the conference weekend to give as many families as possible the opportunity to attend. Families can register the interest of additional family members, whose attendance would be subject to availability nearer the time.

Solving Kids’ Cancer provides the conference weekend free to parents and guardians and offer travel grants to ensure that travel expenses do not prohibit attendance, in line with our travel policy.

Healthcare professionals

We also invite healthcare professionals to register for the conference. The conference attendance fee is £150 (£100 for Saturday and £50 for Sunday) which includes attendance at all sessions and refreshments but excludes overnight accommodation. There is a 50% discount if you register between Monday 2 September and Friday 20 September and bursaries are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Children are invited to attend the conference weekend and professional childcare is available throughout the conference programme.

Gala dinner

On Saturday night, parents and guardians, speakers and facilitators are invited to attend a Gala Dinner – an opportunity for everyone to get together in an informal and friendly setting to meet, connect and share experiences.


Should demand exceed availability, priority will be given to families who reside in the UK and Ireland who are seeking information to help their child or other children.

Register for 2019

Registration has now closed.

History of the Neuroblastoma Parent Education Conference

The conference is entering its eighth year and has been constantly growing since its inception. It began as a one-day meeting and has since evolved into a two-day conference weekend to give families the time to gather as much information as possible and spend time with others going through the same journey. Click through for more information on conferences in previous years.


If you have any queries regarding the Solving Kids' Cancer Neuroblastoma Parent Education Conference please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 284 0800 or email: [email protected].

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