Vivianna, or 'Vivi', is lively and happy two-year-old. An all-around cutie-pie. She loves animals and enjoys playing and walking wit  her best friend, her little Maltese dog Toffi. 

Last November, Vivi began struggling to use her left arm and was experiencing pain when moving around. After countless tests and examinations her parents, Angelika and Daniel were given the devastating news that their daughter had high-risk neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival.  

Her family are fundraising for further treatment, either to get their daughter into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if her frontline treatment does go to plan. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Vivianna’s Story

Just before Vivianna turned 2, in November 2020, her parents noticed that Vivi was struggling to use her left arm and was experiencing pain when moving around.  Vivi’s parents initially believed it to not be anything serious, possibly muscle strain, as Vivi remained her normal active self. As weeks passed by and Vivi got worse the family contacted their GP who informed them to go to a local hospital if things didn’t improve after 24 hours. Vivi and her mum, Angelika went straight to Peterborough Hospital on their own as due to covid restrictions only one parent was allowed to be with Vivi, meaning Daniel had to stay at home.  

After an examination doctors noticed that Vivi had swollen lymph nodes in her neck. Bloods were taken and Vivi was sent for an X-ray. Scan results showed a bone lesion in her left arm that appeared to be cancer. 

We felt so devastated, we were refusing to believe it was happening to us. The following nights in hospital were the worst nights in our lives, not knowing what type of cancer Vivi had, what is going to happen next, and if our litter girl would make it through,” says mum Angelika. 

Soon after, the family were transferred to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. After more scans, doctors found a large lump in Vivi's belly above her left kidney, more affected lymph nodes, cancerous cells in her bone marrow and soft bone tissue in her neck, left hip and left knee. Biopsy results confirmed the devastating diagnosis of high-risk neuroblastoma with MYC-N amplification.  

 “In one heartbeat our happy life turned into a nightmare,” says Angelika and Daniel. 


Vivi had a Hickman line inserted and started aggressive frontline treatment before she was two years old. Vivi has so far completed 8 rounds of COJAC chemotherapy, which involved numerous blood and platelet transfusions. She lost her beautiful hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Chemotherapy has made her feel so poorly that she has struggled to eat, and now must be fed through an NG tube. 

Vivi has also endured a 5-hour surgery, high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. High dose chemotherapy resulted in a 9-week hospital stay as Vivi suffered from severe side effects from mucositis, and just after recovering she developed Veno-occlusive disease.  

“There's nothing worse than watching your child suffering and not being able to help,” says Angelika. 

Vivi still must endure 14 rounds of radiotherapy and then 5 rounds of immunotherapy over the next few months to complete her frontline treatment. 

"Neuroblastoma treatment is very intense, our heartbreaks knowing that Vivi's healthy cells and organs are affected by all the treatment. With a high relapse rate in high-risk neuroblastoma, we want to do everything we can to give Vivi the best chance to survive and stay cancer-free," says Angelika. 

Vivianna’s Fundraising Campaign  

Vivi’s family are raising funds for further treatment, either to get their daughter into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if
 treatment does go to plan. This could include a clinical trial in America which could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Vivianna is our only child, she is our everything. We were fighting hard for many years to have her, and we were blessed. Now we must fight again not to lose her. Vivi means 'alive' so please help us,” say Angelika and Daniel. 

How you can help 

There are many ways you can help Vivianna: by making a personal donation; by sharing and following her story on Facebook, holding a fundraising event; getting sponsored to take on a challenge.  

To donate by text, send “VIVIANNA” followed by any whole amount up to £20 to 70085. This will cost your donation plus your standard network charge. It won’t matter if you leave a space before the number, if you include a ‘£’ sign or whether you use upper or lower case.  

Download our free Vivianna resources below to support your fundraising.  

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You can make a donation via this page.  

If you’d like to help to support Vivianna’s campaign, please get in touch with the fundraising team on 0207 284 0800 and [email protected]  

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