Every now & then I ask for help...

Eden is 6 years old. She lives in Huddersfield & as a rare form of cancer requiring treatment abroad.

We created a very specific group with 100 contacts. Everyone in our fundraising group has been identified as a genuine asset to the cause because at some point during the time we've known eachother they have done something or are someone who I believe can help us achieve our 50k target

Please read on.....

Edens condition affects less than 100 people in the UK each year.

She is currently undergoing lifesaving treatment & if successful will need further treatment in the USA to prevent a very likely relapse.

I contacted Lee, Eden's Father last week & received permission to begin to help raise funds & awareness.

It's our ambition to raise a total of 50k by June 2022

There will be a variety of events to get involved in or just leave a donation here.. It's that easy...

.. So now you know what we're about can and will you help us save Eden's life?

Yours sincerely
Kev Bower

Kevin Bower