Solving Kids’ Cancer is thrilled to be chosen as Charity of the Year by Bents Garden Centre!

From April 9th, Solving Kids’ Cancer will be working in partnership with the Warrington based family business to raise vital funds throughout the year and has several exciting fundraising activities planned. 

Bents Garden and Home’s connection to neuroblastoma is through Jossie, a cheerful, enthusiastic and wonderful little girl who was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2017. Sadly, despite years of intensive treatment of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, Jossie passed away in 2019.   

Solving Kids’ Cancer fights for a future where no child dies of neuroblastoma or suffers due to the treatment they receive.

With the support from Bents Garden and Home, we can fund innovative clinical research to find more effective and less toxic treatment for children like Jossie. Bents Garden and Home’s support will also fund the Family Support Service, helping parents to overcome the countless challenges that a neuroblastoma diagnosis poses.   

“We are so very honoured to be chosen as charity of the year by Bents, support from Bents will directly help our charity to provide close support to families of children facing this aggressive childhood cancer.” Gail Jackson, CEO, Solving Kids' Cancer