We are thrilled to welcome Áine McCarthy to our Board of Trustees, Áine was formerly voted on to our board this week. 

Áine studied genetics at University College Cork, Ireland before making the move to London in 2010 to carry out a PhD in cancer biology at Barts Cancer Institute. She completed her PhD in 2014 and then joined the science communications team at Cancer Research UK. In 2018, she became the first Senior Communications and Marketing Manager for Children’s and Young People’s cancers at the Charity.

While in this role, she began working with SKC, meeting with the team at conferences and learning about their work. Having left Cancer Research UK and taken up a role as a Head of Communications in the NHS in London, Áine wanted to continue helping children with cancer and maintain her ties with SKC, and so joined the Charity as a Trustee in July 2021.

“I’ve always been so impressed by the work that SKC do to help children with neuroblastoma and their families, and to drive forward research in this area. When I took up a new role in the NHS, I knew I wanted to continue helping children with cancer and SKC seemed like a natural fit to do this.

“SKC do so much for so many, and I’m so excited to become part of the team and to help them achieve even more and help even more children with neuroblastoma.”

Welcome Áine!