Utterly inspirational, Alfie Sharpe never let neuroblastoma stand in his way. Throughout all of his treatment, Alfie remained full of beans with an immense passion for life and having as much fun as possible. In March 2014, Alfie’s parents Cheree and Steven were given the devastating news that Alfie had relapsed and there were no further treatment options left.

For Cheree and Steven, faced with such traumatic news, their priority was for Alfie to experience as many of their lifelong plans as possible in whatever precious time they had left.

“We wanted to make every moment magical as our fairytale was not going to be happy ever after. No amount of time would have ever been enough,” say Steven and Cheree.

Alfie’s loving parents had just five and a half weeks with their amazing son from the moment they learned he was not going to get better. During that time memories were created that were to be cherished forever.

Cheree explains, “Alfie was a child, a farmer, a chef, a superhero, a racing car driver and a fireman but most of all, away from the hospital and relentless medical procedures, Alfie was happy. Surrounded by love and his family, he was one in a million, right up until the very end. Neuroblastoma may have had Alfie but Alfie didn’t have neuroblastoma.”

While trying to come to terms with the loss of their own hero Alfie, Cheree and Steven reflect on what Alfie would have wanted. “We know Alfie would want other heroes and princesses to have opportunities to create happy memories. These happy times would be loved and treasured forever by children and their families. Alfie was determined to never give up hope or stop believing and this is why we have decided to set up ‘The Alfie’s Wishes Fund’” 

The Alfie’s Wishes Fund at Solving Kids’ Cancer is for anyone who wishes to donate in his memory. The money from this will be used to support referrals providing wishes/treats for children with neuroblastoma who sadly have no further curative treatment options available to them.

The Alfie’s Wishes Fund is currently available  to Solving Kids’ Cancer families.

By Wish, Solving Kids’ Cancer refer to an experience to the maximum of £2,000.00. Other Wish categories could be ‘I wish to be…, I wish to meet…

By Treat, Solving Kids’ Cancer refer to a desired item that a child may wish to have, specifically requested to the value of up to £2,000.00.

You can find out more about Alfie on his In Memory page.

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Solving Kids’ Cancer makes no deductions from donations made to Alfie’s Wishes. 100% of the funds raised are restricted for the funding of wishes and treats for children who are sadly receiving palliative care for neuroblastoma.