Corey ringing the end of treatment bellBy the time Corey had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, he had a large tumour in his abdomen and the cancer had spread to his bones and bone marrow.

Corey received eight doses of chemotherapy, a complex six-hour operation to remove the tumour, stem cell rescue with high dose chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

His family were advised that Corey would need to respond to each stage of a six-month treatment plan to be eligible to join a clinical trial for immunotherapy in the UK. Given the difference in treatment for immunotherapy in America, his parents opted for Corey to receive three immunotherapy drugs, as opposed to the one or two available drugs as part of the randomised clinical trial in the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of Corey’s local community who donated to Corey’s appeal with the charity J-A-C-K and general funds from the Neuroblastoma Alliance (now Solving Kids' Cancer), Corey was able to start his immunotherapy treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in November 2011.

He made remarkable progress through every round of the gruelling treatment and currently has no detectable disease. Despite everything Corey has gone through there is no guarantee that the cancer will not return. If the cancer were to come back, the UK doctors would not have a protocol to treat it in a curative way.

The Ashcroft family would have the use their privately raised funds and would launch a new fundraising appeal. Corey’s parents say they would immediately travel abroad for further treatment in order to give Corey the very best chance of survival.

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