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In this time of crisis J-A-C-K.org and Solving Kids’ Cancer have launched an emergency fund to help families in the UK affected by Neuroblastoma (low, intermediate or high-risk), and who are facing a loss of income, or an increase in costs, due to the pandemic.

Families have to shield to protect their extremely vulnerable children and as a result, are not able to work outside of the home. Keeping these children safe is the number one priority so providing financial assistance to keep families at home and together is vital. Emergency grants of £250 per month over the 12 week isolation period, totalling £750 are available for families who meet the criteria. Full details are available here.

We are delighted to see that the grant is already having an impact, this quote is from one of the first families to receive a payment.

“This is going to help us out massively I can’t tell you how grateful we are. A huge thank you from the whole family.”

This fund aiming to help families in financial hardship is something that J-A-C-K.org and Solving Kids’ Cancer would like to see continue past the current COVID-19 pandemic while it is, of course, our primary concern now. 

J-A-C-K.org and Solving Kids’ Cancer have both committed funding however your donation could provide much needed additional funds for families who need it now and in the future.

Should the funds raised exceed the level required to support the current demand, the money will remain designated to support families affected by Neuroblastoma (low, intermediate or high-risk) who are living in financial hardship.

“We are proud to be working alongside our friends and long-time collaborators at J-A-C-K.org to do what we can to support families affected by neuroblastoma financially during this coronavirus pandemic. The threat posed by Covid-19 has brought a new wave of restrictions on their daily lives and, in many cases, even greater burden and stress on already stretched family finances. Our grant awards are immediate and aim to alleviate acute financial distress, be that being able to put food on the table or pay that long-overdue utility bill.  It is a time to be creative, to think and work differently from how we have in the past, to look after our staff and each other, but most of all it’s a time to reaffirm our commitment to stand with everyone in our community and to help those who are the hardest hit as much, and for as long, as we are able.”                       

Nick Bird, Solving Kids’ Cancer  

Richard Brown, JACK, added, We, at JACK, are thankful for the ability to provide money alongside SKC to the emergency fund for families. We are committed to supporting Neuroblastoma families who are threatened by the virus and coping with isolation face burdens upon their finance. JACK would welcome any family unlucky enough to fit the grant criteria to seek this modest support. 

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