In loving memory of Hamish Dear

Happy, outgoing and adventurous Hamish Dear passed away in November 2015 at the age of three.Hamish sat up on his hospital bed He loved playing and singing, particularly when Toy Story was involved!

His parents Kris and Hollie wrote: “Just when we thought he was beating this terrible disease this has happened totally out of the blue and we are in deep shock. We are heartbroken, just ripped apart. We feel empty inside and every room we walk into is empty without him there. He is our whole world and every waking moment hurts like hell. This is not ‘goodbye’ but ‘see you later alligator’.”

“Please continue fundraising – this will help wee boys and girls going through the same battle Hamish did and he would want that. Sleep tight and sweet dreams darling, we will remember your spirit, kindness, laugh and smile. Mummy and daddy will always and never stop loving you.”

Hamish’s story

Hamish was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in January 2015. He had developed a limp and then fell at a soft play centre, which led to a trip to A & E. After a series of tests the family received the devastating news. He immediately started on high-dose chemotherapy and amazed everyone by smiling throughout.

Surgery followed in June 2015 and it was a success. Kris and Hollie were positive for the future and Hamish was doing well. Sadly in November 2015, the disease took him quickly and quite suddenly.

His page will remain open for any donations in Hamish’s memory.

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