Three-year-old Jacob is an adrenaline junkie who lives for the great outdoors. He is always jumping off furniture and loves running headfirst into water fountains at splash parks – whatever the weather. When he is not jumping, Jacob loves his music, he choreographs dance moves to any beat and has a special talent of instantly recalling lyrics to songs he’s only just heard.

Jacob is an equal measure of strength and compassion so when he began to get upset over a few days, his parents knew something wasn’t quite right.

“He didn’t cry much as a baby despite falling/bumping into things, he’d wince but he’d shrug it off. He’s always been a really chilled out boy, even now, if he hurts himself, he immediately reassures me that he’s ok and comforts me,” says his mum, Noor.

Jacob’s Journey

In June 2020 Jacob's parents started to notice he was off his food, and that night he began to throw up. The next day Noor called the GP, and Jacob was given antibiotics. After a week and with no improvement, his parents tried to arrange for someone to examine Jacob but as this was during national lockdown no GP’s were providing face to face visits.

After taking Jacob to their local hospital for examination Jacob's parents were given the devastating news that their son had been diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival.

The next day, the family travelled to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Jacob started intensive chemotherapy.

“We genuinely thought it was a stomach bug. Never did we ever think we’d be told they could feel a mass. Immediately our world collapsed around us and there was nothing we could do to stop it”.


Jacob has been in hospital for almost eight months, including spending his third birthday receiving chemotherapy. He had just started chemotherapy when his little sister was born, and his parents have kept the siblings together throughout his treatment to keep each other company.

"Jacob has really missed interacting with other children. It’s hard to take him out, even to the park because he’s immunosuppressed, he hasn’t spent any time with other children since his diagnosis,” says Noor.

Jacob has had hundreds of injections, countless general anaesthetics, and lost all his thick hair. 

Jacob has endured so much and still must have surgery, radiotherapy and immunotherapy to complete his frontline treatment. His treatment journey hasnt been straightforward, so his family are raising funds for further treatment, either to get their son into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if treatment does go to plan. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

"Despite all that he’s been through, Jacob’s wicked sense of humour is still there, and that’s what gets us through some of our darkest days".

Jacob's Fundraising Campaign

If Jacob gets into remission, relapse rates for high-risk neuroblastoma are high and his parents will do everything they can to stop the cancer from returning. This includes the possibility of a vaccine clinical trial in New York. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help Jacob: by making a personal donation; by sharing his story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, holding a fundraising event; getting sponsored to take on a challenge.

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