In loving memory of Kaylum Ryan

Kaylum was a happy boy who adored superheroes. He passed away in August 2016

His mum, Leanne, posted:

“It’s with great sadness and broken hearts to inform you our beautiful boy fell asleep last weekend surrounded by the people he loved. Kaylum was the bravest most caring loving little boy you would ever meet and I was so proud to call him mine. No more suffering now. Fly high baby boy life will never ever be the same.”

Kaylum’s story

Kaylum up close to the camera pulling a cheeky faceKaylum was diagnosed with high-risk stage 4 neuroblastoma in July 2013. He had been to the doctors twice in a month, first with an eye infection and then after waking up in the night with stomach pains. But it wasn’t until he started limping after pains in his leg that Kaylum went to hospital.

X-rays showed a fractured hip and possible infection. He had an operation the next day to wash out his hip but mum, Leanne, was still concerned. He had been on antibiotics for several days for an ear infection and it wasn’t getting any better.

An MRI scan revealed Kaylum had cancer, words no parent should ever hear.

Things moved very quickly after that. Kaylum had a Hickman line fitted to allow treatment to get underway. He coped really well with courses of chemotherapy and a 7-hour operation to remove the tumour. Treatment continued with high-dose chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiotherapy and a drug trial called Anti GD2.

In October 2014 the family received the news that Kaylum was in remission. But almost 50% of the time neuroblastoma comes back and this was Leanne’s fear: “I thought at this point I would feel a rush of joy and happiness being told that Kaylum was cancer-free, but I didn’t. I knew I’d always question, when will it come back?”

Kaylum enjoyed 9 months free from the disease. But he did devastatingly suffer a relapse in July 2015. He received more chemotherapy and MIBG therapy, and the family were supported by Solving Kids’ Cancer to raise £280,000 in the hope of accessing treatment abroad to prevent his cancer progressing and, ultimately, from returning again.

But Kaylum’s neuroblastoma progressed. He fought and fought but sadly was never able to access further treatment.

Leanne posted on Facebook: “We thank you massively for all the help and support you have given us. Always in our hearts our beautiful KK.”

Kaylum’s page will remain open for any donations you wish to make in his memory.

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