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Neuroblastoma is a devastating cancer that affects the youngest of children. 

Children and families are in desperate need of change to this landscape, in which survival rates are still far too low. Too many families are facing devastation of losing their child to this disease. The key to bringing this change is research.

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“George’s participation on the Lorlatinib trial is simple to describe…. LIFE changing! 9 months on this drug has shown more positive results, with far fewer harsh side effects, than George’s previous 12 months on his 1st and 2nd line treatments.     

Solving Kids' Cancer funding this trial and enabling us to access this new innovative treatment, is something we as a family, will be forever grateful for.”

Julie, George’s mum 

Why become a Research Champion?

  • Only around 2% of cancer funding in the UK is spent on research that is fully dedicated to childhood cancer. Becoming a Research Champion means fighting for children who need our help. 

  • Children as young as one are going through aggressive and highly toxic rounds of treatment and those with high-risk neuroblastoma have around a 4050 percent chance of long-term survival. This needs to change and research is how change will happen. 

  • Our research team is led by parents with lived experience of neuroblastoma and guided by our Scientific Advisory Board comprised of world-leading neuroblastoma experts. Together we are driving collaborative international clinical research. With the right combination of expertise and passion, we bring patient needs and voices to the forefront of progress.

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