Solving Kids' Cancer (US and UK) together with the Max Cure Foundation hosted a webinar on the impact of the current pandemic on the paediatric oncology research landscape. Our highly respected panel included Prof Pamela Kearns, Dr Peter Adamson, Dr Mark Kieran, Dr Jeff Auletta, Dr Carol J. Thiele, and was expertly moderated by Dr Timothy Cripe. 

Paediatric research has not entirely halted, with work continuing as much as possible thanks to the dedication of our research community. Many lessons are to be learned from the global response to this crisis, including how to work in a more agile way to break down barriers that hold back innovation which could bring benefit to patients. 

The differing inflammatory immune response to SARs-CoV-2 across age groups is also providing invaluable insight, which we hope can be applied across other diseases such as cancer. 

Some of the big issues coming downstream are the potential impact on the drug development pipeline with labs closed and resources diverted; as well as the huge loss of income that medical research charities like ours are facing, which will drastically limit the grants we can make available. 

 The final key message - we must not lose momentum - childhood cancer remains a huge priority!