This #MondayMotivation we want to share an update on Ellen and Lauren after both girls from Northern Ireland completed the Bivalent Vaccine trial in 2020 during the COVID pandemic.

In January 2018, at just two years old Ellen was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma and in July 2018 13-year-old Lauren was also diagnosed with the same cancer. After over a year of aggressive frontline treatment, both families decided to access a clinical trial in New York, with the support of Solving Kids’ Cancer, in the hope of reducing the chances of the cancer returning.

With the incrediLittle girl holding handmade paintingble support of their local community, friends, and family both campaigns reached their fundraising targets and with end of treatment scan results showing no evidence of disease both families travelled to New York during 2019.

Ellen’s final trip to New York to complete the vaccine was in June 2020 and she remains free of disease and has since started Year 1.

“We also couldn't be prouder of Ellen. She has dealt with more difficulties over the last 2 and a half years than any child ever should, and yet she is the funniest, most kind-hearted, and inspirational little girl,” Says mum Claire.Teenage girl standing in front of lake

Lauren and her family travelled to New York twice during the pandemic and completed the vaccine trial in October 2020. She remains clear of disease and is enjoying reading and playing dungeons & dragons. Lauren is also a member of the STARboard advisory team for Make-A-Wish representing Northern Ireland.

"Lauren has always remained positive, even in the darkest of times. She continues to inspire us all every day," Say parents Garrett and Mary Clare.

By supporting Solving Kids’ Cancer and our children’s appeal you have helped us to support over 13 families in 2020, like Lauren and Ellen’s, to access treatment abroad throughout lockdown.

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