Alex LaneAlex first became aware of SKC when her eldest son Archie, was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.  He was 2 years old at the time.  Despite initially suffering with the toxicity of treatment, Archie showed no sign of disease after induction chemotherapy.  However, he relapsed shortly after high dose chemo and the disease progressed very rapidly.  He passed away at Great Ormond Street in June 2018.

Since Archie’s death Alex returned to work as a lawyer specialising in Health care regulatory work.  She has continued to follow Solving Kids Cancer and shares their drive and passion to find kinder, more effective treatment and better outcomes for children like Archie.

 She lives in Hertfordshire with Archie’s younger brother Oscar and their Dad, Max.  You can read more about Archie on his facebook page ‘Super Archie’s Army’

“Like most people I had never heard of neuroblastoma until Archie was diagnosed in 2017.  And like most people I was shocked to discover how little awareness, understanding and funding there is of childhood cancer generally.  It is simply unacceptable that children are still being treated with the same brutally harsh treatments that were available 50 years ago.  So little progress has been made.  Society has let these children down, when we need to be their advocates.  They are too young to understand let alone demand the funding, research and future that they deserve.

 I am honoured to join the team at Solving Kids Cancer and share their passion and commitment to make a difference to children and families affected by neuroblastoma.  Having a child with cancer changes you forever.  Whilst I know there will be more children like Archie, I have hope that by collectively driving forward awareness, funding and research we can and will make a real difference in the future.”