Anna became aware of Solving Kids’ Cancer when her daughter Isla was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma on her first birthday. Isla
Anna Austin had frontline treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital and then with the help, support and guidance of S
olving Kids’ Cancer embarked on a clinical trial in New York. Isla is currently in remission and started school this academic year. 

Prior to Isla’s diagnosis Anna worked in e-commence within head office roles for leading UK retailers, latterly as an Ecommerce Trading Manager. Anna lives in Hertfordshire with her husband Rick and children, son Finn and twin daughters Lottie and Isla.  

“I have seen first hand the devastation neuroblastoma causes. Our innocent children are being put through such brutal treatment, the heartbreaking loss of lives and the cruel and serious side effects survivors contend with. I am honoured to be part of this organisation and passionate about making a difference. Together we must fight for our children, for kinder treatment and a cure”.