Carrie first became involved with Solving Kids' Cancer when her daughter Lucy then aged 8 was diagnosed with Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma
Carrie Wright.

After completing the first stage of front line treatment at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Lucy was identified as a refractory patient and as a result, took part in the Minivan trial which was part-funded by Solving Kids Cancer. As the family live in the North of England Solving Kids' Cancer reached out to support the family with their regular travel commitments to Southampton during 2019.

After almost three years of treatment, Lucy was declared No Evidence of Disease in April 2021.

Throughout Lucy's treatment, the family fundraised independently to raise essential funds to get Lucy to North Carolina to take part in the DFMO trial. So far, the family have made three trips to North Carolina (all during a global pandemic). Lucy is tolerating DFMO really well, she's back at school full time and is loving life.

Carrie gave up her career as a HR Consultant when Lucy was diagnosed and devotes her time to Lucy, now age 11, Lucy's younger brother Sam, 6 and husband Richard.

 "I'm so proud to be involved with Solving Kids Cancer. We've had invaluable support during our journey. It's vital that the amazing work continues and that families like ours continue to be supported through what will most likely be the biggest challenge of their lives".