Emergency Grant Application Form

Emergency Fund Policy

1. Purpose

An Emergency grant is available for Neuroblastoma families facing financial loss or increased costs because of Coronavirus measures. This applies to families who met previous shielding guidelines.

Funds have been made available by J-A-C-K and Solving Kids’ Cancer to help families in the UK or Republic of Ireland affected by Neurblastoma (Low, Intermediate or High-risk) , who face financial loss or increased costs due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Guidelines have been issued by the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group that are in line with government guidance. These guidelines are being reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

Parents / Guardians who are self-isolating alongside the child and that suffer financial loss or increased costs as a result may apply to the emergency fund for an initial grant towards their immediate subsistence costs.

2. Grant Value

Emergency grants of an initial and immediate £250 are available for those who are facing financial loss or increased costs as a result of the prior need of their child to stay home due to previous shielding guidelines.

Additional support may be made available at a later stage for families facing acute financial loss because of the rapidly evolving public health crisis.

3. Criteria

Criteria for accessing the grant is as follows;

You are the parent or guardian of a child with Neuroblastoma (low, intermediate or high-risk) in the UK or Republic of Ireland who had been previously asked to self-isolate and/or met the criteria to self-isolate.

You have suffered financial loss or increased costs as a result of the need to self-isolate with your child which cannot be remedied by the emergency measures in place which can be found on the government website which is being continually updated.


4. Process

To apply for the emergency grant which is three instalments of £250 August, if required, simply complete the form below and submit it by email to [email protected] along with a copy of a letter or other documentary evidence from your Clinician or Medical Institution which provides evidence of the active treatment of your child fitting the criteria for self-isolation.

If your application is successful you will receive formal correspondence from us by email within 5 working days of receipt of a fully completed application form and acceptable evidence document (may change depending on demand). This correspondence will set out the terms of the grant we are making which you will need to acknowledge prior to release of the payment.

If we have questions regarding your application you will be contacted by email or phone and following successful resolution of any queries, we will then notify you within 5 days of that point on the success, or otherwise, of your application.

If your application is rejected, we will provide clear reasons for our decision which will be final.

5. General Guidance

Where parents / guardians of a child with Neuroblastoma are separated, live separately and share custody – i.e. where both will need to isolate, we will accept an application from each parent / guardian where the above criteria are met.

*Subsistence costs. The fund is designed to meet family’s immediate needs for subsistence such as food or a contribution towards bills. You will not be required to provide receipts against expenditure however you should keep an account of expenditure.

The fund is intended to support those families in genuine need. The fund is not means tested but you should only apply if you are facing financial loss or increased costs as a result of the impacts of the need to isolate with your child.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make their own assessment of any impact upon their receipt of statuary benefits or allowances.

Emergency Grant Application Form

I wish to apply for an Emergency grant for financial loss as a result of required self isolation of my child who has Neuroblastoma – please provide details below

Section 1 - About you
Section 2 - Grant Application
Section 3 - Bank Details

Please identify the bank account to which the £250 should be paid if granted.

Section 4 - Future contact
Section 5 - Evidence

Please confirm that you can email a copy of a letter or other documentary evidence from your Clinician or Medical Institution which provides evidence of the active treatment of your child that meets the criteria for self-isolation.

Evidence must be emailed to [email protected] to be considered for the grant.


By submitting this application, you confirm that all information contained within it is accurate.

You also agree to us using your and your child’s personal information for the purpose of administering this grant. Please be assured that the personal information will be securely stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For further information on how we use your personal information, please see our privacy
policy - https://www.solvingkidscancer.org.uk/privacy-policy

Please send your evidence and any other documents to
[email protected]

We regret that at this time we cannot accept applications by post.