Register to collect for Solving Kids’ Cancer

Please see information below on what to except before, during and after collecting for Solving Kids’ Cancer. Please note, below is a summary and you will receive full details once you sign up.

Get Permission

No matter where you choose to collect, you must first obtain the right permissions. If you select a private property, such as a shopping centre or a train station, you will need to obtain permission in writing from the property or business owner. If you collect on public property, such as a park or street, you will need a license from the local council or police. There are also some rules about things you can and cannot do when collecting, like not causing an obstruction or shaking collection buckets. We will be on hand to provide all the necessary guidance.

Gather Materials

We will provide you with all the materials you need for your collection, including T-shirts and stickers for your buckets as well as a Letter of Authority. You will need to have all these items with you on the day of collection.

Round-up volunteers

Collecting is more fun in a group, so why not invite friends and family to help? Please do be sure to adhere to any restrictions on the number of collectors allowed at your location.

During the collection

Have fun! People are more willing to donate if you are smiling and look as though you’re happy to be there! Anything that attracts attention is a winner too. For example, people often wear fancy dress to spark up conversation. Remember to take lots of pictures and promote your collection on social media too.

After the collection

Give yourself a big pat on the back and know that you’ve done something incredible to support Solving Kids’ Cancer! Do be careful when transporting the cash to a safe place. It is always worth travelling with another person and bringing a suitcase or bag to conceal collection buckets. We will be in touch with how to transfer funds after your collection.