We believe that national and international collaboration is vital to speed up the pace of research, and that pooling resources achieves more.

For that reason, we have established links with like-minded advocates and charities across rhe UK, continental Europe, North America and Australia, and seek to work collaboratively wherever possible.

Solving Kids' Cancer (US)

Our strategic relationship with Solving Kids’ Cancer in New York enables us to jointly benefit from a truly international presence and perspective. We are able to leverage knowledge and relationships on both sides of the Atlantic to maximise our impact, influence, and the benefit we bring to children with neuroblastoma.

Other funding partners

Our established funding partners include:

Together, we have collectively committed almost £2,000,000 to collaborative projects, funding clinical research studies that will be of direct benefit to children with neuroblastoma in the UK. It provides innovative therapeutic options closer to home for children for whom standard therapy has not been successful and eliminates the need - or perceived need - for some families to fundraise and travel outside the UK.

Fund research with Solving Kids' Cancer

If you would like to understand more about our collaborative approach to research funding or if you are interested in exploring opportunities for future collaborative research efforts, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected]