Join us to help support Beau’s campaign, in raising the money required to get her treatment in the USA.Our target is to ride a minimum of 1000km across the month of January combining miles on the turbo trainer and the open roads of Yorkshire. Our challenge is to ride at least once a day across the month between us, and our live data will be track on Strava.

Beau’s Story

Beau has endured a year of aggressive treatment that has taken her body to the limit. Over the last 12 months she has non-inclusively endured:

• 80 days Rapid COJEC Chemo • Extensive Surgery • High Dose Chemotherapy • Stem Cell Transplant • Radiotherapy • Immunotherapy

Beau’s family are now desperate to raise the money required to get Beau to the US to receive a vaccine that could minimise what is a high risk of relapse, with a bleak survivorship. We appreciate all the support anyone can offer to genuinely make a difference to Beau and her family. Please follow the link above to read more of Beau’s story.

Thanks Al & Chris Alistair Wheatley