I've known Kayla and her family since I joined my school in 2019. Since she was diagnosed, I have seen her and her family go through treatment, showing amazing resilience. At the age of four, Kayla has coped with things most 44 year olds would struggle with and is still always smiling.

I know from my own family's experience of cancer that you need a team behind you and a community around you, and I would like to be part of that team supporting Kayla and her family in the next phase of her treatment.

During the month of June 2022, I plan to run a half marathon each week. They won't be official events, but I will be running 21.1km in one go at least once a week. I have already run the first (very wet!) one today, and I plan to run a total of five (I will squeeze an extra one in the first week of July!).

This will be a challenge, but it should also be good fun. I hope you will support this fundraising effort for a family who really need our help.

Will Turnpenny