My cousin Charlie has passed me the baton! After he ran 140 miles it’s now my turn!

I’m helping Liams family & Friends raise £232,000 for a potentially life saving vaccine in New York.

Liam Scott is 4, he lives local to me, he has a rare form of cancer called high-risk neuroblastoma. I Want to help in some way so I am running and cycling 100 miles in 10 days to help raise money & awareness.

Little Liam has fought through two and half months of intense chemotherapy which involved constant weekly blood and platelet transfusions due to its intensity. During this treatment, he suffered numerous infections from the chemotherapy making him continuously neutropenic. These infections kept him in hospital for most of this part of his treatment. A six-hour plus surgery followed to remove the tumour and then this was followed by high dose chemotherapy, which kept him in hospital for almost two months to recover due to its severity, Radiotherapy treatment followed and now Liam is in the last phase of treatment, immunotherapy. Unfortunately high-risk Neuroblastoma has a high rate or return, and should it return, the survival rate is just 10%

There is a vaccine offered in New York which could stop a relapse, so Liam would need to go to New York at the end of August 2020 (when his immunotherapy finishes) for this specialist treatment, However this costs £232,000, Liam’s family & friends have so far raised around £144,000 so the balance of £88,000 is still outstanding, we need people to be as generous as possible, the family are running out of time as the treatment has to be paid for in advance. To help I am running and cycling 100 miles in 10 days, starting on the 23rd May 2020. I will be live streaming on instagram (joshbbakerrr) Please can you share the link across social media and tell your friends to share, let’s give Liam a chance! sharing is caring, Thank you!

You can read Liams full story

Thank you Josh Baker