Hello friends and family!
Meghan and I are running 210 km (combined 420 km), 7 km a day, for the month of June, to raise funds for Liam’s cancer treatment. Liam, a 4-year old boy, has been fighting neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, since mid-2019. He’s been through intense radiotherapy and now busy with immunotherapy. Neuroblastoma tends to recur and so once the NHS treatment is done, his parents are doing everything they can to get him access to the Bivalent Vaccine clinical trial. The vaccine is administered in New York and comes with a significant bill so we're raising funds to support him.
You’re all welcome to join us on our runs, anywhere in the world, on certain days, weeks, or the whole month. Come on, challenge yourself for Liam’s cause! We’ll post our runs daily to the Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/267897497743638/) and Instagram (@runforliam) pages so you can track our progress. Please support us by making any donation (pink button at the top of the page) or sharing, just a few pounds will go a long way to getting Liam the treatment he so desperately needs.
Please share!
Thank you.

Jared O'Brien