To encourage ourselves to keep fit and focused during lockdown, Team Buckland have decided to take on a family running challenge!

We have decided to run the distance to our friend Henry's house!!
Henry is just coming up to his 5th birthday and is fighting Neuroblastoma cancer. He's doing incredibly well with his treatment, but this cancer has a 50% chance of returning.
We would like to raise as much money as we can and help Henry receive extra treatment to hopefully stop it from ever returning in the future.

The distance from our house in Hitchin to Henry’s house near Nottingham is 156km!
Running does not come naturally to us Buckland's, so this is a real big challenge. Together we are running every day to collectively achieve this distance.

We hope you will support us and donate as little or as much as you can. Every penny really does count!!
‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’

You can follow Henry_the_brave on Instagram and Facebook and find out for yourself what a funny and lovable little boy he is! Julie Buckland