WhisperClaims' Operations Director's nephew, Peter, was first diagnosed with Intermediate Risk Neuroblastoma in January 2019. His tumour caused a spinal cord injury which left him with no movement or sensation in his lower body. He successfully completed his cancer treatment in February 2020 and more than two years since his spinal cord injury he has grown in strength and independence as a full-time wheelchair user.

Unfortunately in August 2020, Peter's cancer relapsed, this time as metastatic High Risk Neuroblastoma. Relapsed Neuroblastoma is complicated and hard to treat and, even if remission is achieved, there is a high risk of further relapse. Peter's treatment so far has cleared his bone marrow but only kept the rest of his disease stable. While there are still options ahead, many of the treatment and maintenance trials available are not based in the UK and further treatment for Peter could include a clinical trial in America or Spain.

Peter's family are now fundraising for further treatment not available on the NHS either to get Peter back into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if his current treatment goes to plan. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Like many other businesses, the Whisperclaims team haven’t met face to face for almost 18 months. In fact, many members of the team have never met their colleagues at all, having worked remotely since joining the business.

So, rather than just having a team meeting, we thought we could mark this occasion by doing something special. So, no stuffy meeting rooms for us - instead we’re going to walk up as many of the steepest steps in Edinburgh as we can, getting to know our colleagues as we go (assuming we can breathe well enough to chat at the same time!) and raising some money for a fantastic cause at the same time. We're going to until we summit Ben Nevis, and then keep going! Jennifer Badger