Mel and Penny have joined the Penguin Challenge and are hoping to swim throughout November to March. We are using this opportunity to raise money for Ollie.

Ollie is an awesome little boy in a battle against neuroblastoma. A couple of months ago Ollie was admitted to a hospice and his family was told to expect the worst. But brave little Ollie has defied the odds and bounced back and is now showing no evidence of disease. Its been a rollercoaster of a journey for Ollie and his family and unfortunately it isn't over yet. Ollie still needs about £60000 to reach his target of £241000 to get treatment in New York to stop the neuroblastoma from coming back.

Please donate to help Ollie get the funds he needs to access his treatment abroad.

To find out more about Ollie, please check out his Facebook Page: Melissa Harris