The day before his third birthday, Jude was found to have High Risk Neuroblastoma, a rare but aggressive cancer, at diagnosis he was given a 40-50% chance of long term survival (long term survival is 5 years!). He is midway through his NHS treatment and has received remarkable care at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Weston Park.

He has responded well to his treatment which has included COJEC chemotherapy, surgery to remove his primary tumour, a stem cell harvest and transplant, high dose chemotherapy and he has just started radiotherapy today. He will then go onto months of immunotherapy. His cancer has a high chance of relapse. If he were to relapse he would face a 5% chance of long term survival.

We are being supported by registered charity, Solving Kids’ Cancer, to try to raise money so that Jude can access a trial in America to try to prevent the cancer from returning. Any funds in excess of what we need to access the treatment for Jude are used by the charity to fund research into Neuroblastoma and to help families who face needing urgent access to treatment which means they are unable to raise funds themselves.

Anna James