Help the fight against neuroblastoma by leaving a gift in your Will. The legacy you leave could fund research that finds the cure for this horrible childhood cancer.

High-risk neuroblastoma has a long-term survival rate of 40%. By remembering Solving Kids' Cancer in your Will, after your friends and family have been looked after, you could help us one day save the lives of children around the world.

How to leave a Legacy in your Will

Gifts in Wills, of all sizes, make an enormous impact for Solving Kids' Cancer. 

Making a Will is important. It allows you to confirm key decisions such as provision for family and friends, how to treat assets and who will be an executor.

Some people also use the opportunity to leave something for their favourite charity - it’s a gift that has no immediate cost. It might be a fixed amount or a percentage of any amount left over after other gifts.

Writing or revising your Will is very straightforward, and it's just as easy to include a gift or legacy donation to help children affected by neuroblastoma and their families. 

If you already have a Will, it’s easy to add a gift with a codicil to save making a new one. We recommend using a solicitor and a simple Will can cost surprisingly little to draw up. A gift made to charity is free of tax as it’s deducted from an estate before Inheritance Tax.

Your amazing gift

Making a Will and leaving a gift to charity is a personal and private matter, and we do not need you to tell us about your plans.

But we would also be delighted if you want regular updates of our work.

Thank you for considering such a wonderful gesture for the future


You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find a solicitor in your local area.

If you would like to discuss leaving a Legacy, please call Lindsey Burke on 0207 284 8000 or email [email protected]