Ten-year-old Corey is carefree and doing brilliantly in his last year in primary school. You would be amazed that eight years ago, he was fighting for his life. 

As a toddler, Corey was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer that overwhelmed his little body. 

Now, with Corey thriving, his family has decided to use his cancer treatment funds – left over from an appeal to access immunotherapy treatment in Philadelphia - to support further research into neuroblastoma treatments. 

Through a generous donation to Solving Kids' Cancer of almost £150,000, they hope to give children the same lifeline that Corey was given in 2011. 

Giving other children the best possible chance

“We know neuroblastoma is an unpredictable disease and remission can often be short for childrenSo, we wanted to keep the remaining money as a safety net should Corey ever need to access costly treatment abroad again,” says Joanna, Corey’s mum. 

“It has always been a source of comfort, knowing that it was there. But now feels the right time to give other families the hope of a future with their child, which we have been lucky enough to get.” 

Corey’s Appeal was one of the first with Solving Kids’ Cancer, then the NCCA. He went through intense treatment in the UK, which has meant living with side-effects that include loss of hearing. It doesn’t stop him living life to the full, regularly cycling, playing cricket and enjoying gaming on his PlayStation! 

Making his family proud

“His loss of hearing means his biggest achievement is leading a normal life without complaint, trying hard at school and making us extremely proud by living his best life with a smile,” continues Joanna. 

The charity has remained in close contact with his family, who regularly attend the Solving Kids Cancer Neuroblastoma Parent Education Conference. It was there, in 2019, where the cheque for £147,166 was presented to Chairman, Nick Bird, who said:

"Solving Kids' Cancer has started to make a real difference to the landscape in the UK, and beyond. It's happening. This incredibly generous gift will directly help children with neuroblastoma and will enable us to continue to help save children's lives. On behalf of myself, the Board of Trustees, and everyone at the charity, I want to express my sincerest thanks to the Ashcroft family for entrusting us with these precious funds. And to say publicly that we will ensure they are used in the best possible way to the benefit of children with neuroblastoma."