Solving Kids’ Cancer and Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K) are collaborating to support children affected by high-risk neuroblastoma and their families.

In this initial trial project, J-A-C-K will donate £50,000 to contribute to the cost of transport, accommodation and subsistence for children and families travelling abroad to access novel and innovative neuroblastoma treatments at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York) and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona).

Often, families accessing such treatments will be abroad for weeks, in cities where accommodation and living expenses are extremely high. It adds sizeable amounts to fundraising targets which can already reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Our CEO, Steve Richards, says: “We are delighted to announce J-A-C-K’s support and, while funds are not unlimited, we know that their generous donation will reduce the amount that some families will need to raise or any shortfall that may be against their fundraising target. We thank them wholeheartedly.”


J-A-C-K provides advice and support for children and families wishing to undertake innovative or experimental (clinical trials) treatments for neuroblastoma.

Like Solving Kids’ Cancer, the charity also funds research and they work collaboratively to hopefully one day find a cure.

“We are pleased to be able to give an assurance of additional financial support to families struggling with the pressures of raising huge sums. And it is so easy to forget that in addition to the medical costs there are all the ‘practical amounts’ needed to deliver and sustain a family, a child to the hospital, to the medicine. We hope that this will mean that a lack of funds will not prohibit them from accessing treatment for their child,” says Richard Brown, CEO of J-A-C-K.

More treatment options in the UK

Despite this welcome funding to help some children and families to access treatments and clinical trials not available in the UK or on the NHS, Solving Kids’ Cancer continues to work hard for more effective and less toxic treatments to be available in this country, so that families do not have to travel thousands of miles for the treatment their child needs.