We are excited about our new partnership with Sparkle Child, who have launched a fabulous product in Solving Kids’ Cancer colours

A set of three keyrings

The new BOOM Bolt Key-ring is £15 with 25% of each sale going to Solving Kids’ Cancer.

Inspired by Ziggy

Sparkle Child is a small independent design house, creating products for people of all ages which are made to be treasured.

Kristal, her colleague and son Ziggy stand on a doorstep togetherIts creator, Kristal, first heard of neuroblastoma when her son, Ziggy, was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital with suspected disease.

Tests showed that it was a teratoma tumour, which Ziggy has now thankfully fully recovered from. But their journey has now led to the creation of a product which will raise money to help other families facing Childhood Cancer.

“The BOOM bolt key-ring is inspired by Ziggy and children like him that sparkle no matter what,” says Kristal, creator of Sparkle Child.

It features three lightning bolts layered on top of one another in the pink and purple of Solving Kids’ Cancer, and Gold – the colour associated with childhood cancer.

“We are thrilled to work with this amazing charity to raise money for children affected by neuroblastoma.”

You can buy your own BOOM bolt key-ring on the Sparkle Child website!


Solving Kids’ Cancer is hugely grateful for the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of companies who partner with us. Interested in working together? Together we can fight neuroblastoma.