After five years of voluntary service, Allison Hyde has decided to step down from the Board of Solving Kids’ Cancer.

Allison firstly became a Trustee of the charity, subsequently becoming our Chair; her selfless dedication to the work was undoubted and it goes without saying that Solving Kids’ Cancer could not have survived without her belief in its purpose, aims and objectives. As a result of Allison’s commitment, some children are alive today because of the treatments Solving Kids’ Cancer (previously NCCA) helped them secure; some families had more time with their children, and others were able to give their child every possible chance against this terrible disease.

The Trustees warmly welcome Allison’s desire to continue to play a role supporting the work of the charity; we will continue to work as a parent and supporter community to enable more children to access better treatments now and in the future.

We want to thank Allison for everything she has done for Solving Kids’ Cancer and wish her every success in the future.

Joey Tabone