We are delighted to announce that we have appointed a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of international repute, concentrating specifically on developing a Research Strategy for Solving Kids’ Cancer and to oversee the development of a formal, structured and accredited research funding award process.

Professor Andy Pearson, Dr John Maris, Dr Juliet Gray and Dr Lucas Moreno have agreed to devote time to strengthen our focus on how we can best drive clinical research forward, with a view to achieving better outcomes for children with neuroblastoma.

The SAB will be involved in advising Solving Kids' Cancer on clinical and scientific matters, helping us to link closer with the wider neuroblastoma research and clinical community.

This will enable us to ensure we are investing in the most cutting-edge research to increase the UK’s clinical trial footprint, allowing more children to access innovative therapies closer to home. This is an urgent and vital need, as neuroblastoma remains one of the leading causes of death from cancer in children.

Our strategy reaffirms our commitment to proactively supporting the development of more effective and less toxic therapies to improve cure rates, whilst reducing the cost of cure in terms of treatment-related health problems. We aim to play a leading role in increasing, shaping, and accelerating UK-based neuroblastoma research, bringing insight from those impacted by neuroblastoma and working in partnership with prominent researchers and clinical experts.

For more information on the Scientific Advisory Board, please contact Leona Knox, who provides the secretarial role to the SAB, at [email protected].