We have fabulous news of a partnership with Little Peach Portraits. We're delighted they will be donating £5 from the sale of every one of their fantastic Metallic Portraits.

Creator of Little Peach Portraits, Pia, had already worked on the portraits of several children affected by neuroblastoma before she became so moved by their battle against the disease that she reached out to Solving Kids’ Cancer to support further.

"I found out about neuroblastoma after creating a portrait of Oscar for his mum Lucy a few months after he sadly passed away. It was heartbreaking,”

   says Pia. 

“I felt so saddened by Lucy and Oscar's story. I was still raw with emotion following a long stint in hospital with my son Bailey who was four at the time. Although he wasn't fighting cancer, he suffered from an invasive form of Strep A which lead to pneumonia, sepsis, scarlet fever and Kawasaki disease."

"It was utterly terrifying and I felt completely helpless watching him endure endless treatments. So although I can't relate to the pain involved for families experiencing childhood cancer, as a Mum I can relate fully to the gut-wrenching horror of seeing your child suffer."

"I wanted to help, so when I created portraits for another family with a child who had had neuroblastoma, they recommended Solving Kids’ Cancer and I was desperate to support their amazing work!”

Pia ran a giveaway competition during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness of neuroblastoma, and created a gold portrait of Teddy, pictured.

Little Peach Portraits was created by graphic artist and mother of two, Pia, who wanted to capture the fleeting moments of childhood and convey the unique character of her children in a beautiful, classic style that was both modern and timeless. Little Peach Portrait’s bold but delicate work transforms those moments of childhood into a piece of artwork to cherish forever.

You can purchase a metallic portrait and support Solving Kids’ Cancer on the Little Peach Portraits website.


Solving Kids’ Cancer is hugely grateful for the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of companies who partner with us. Interested in working together? Together we can fight neuroblastoma.