Solving Kids’ Cancer has been awarded full membership of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), a significant achievement which recognises the charity as funders of high quality and credible medical research.

Since the establishment of our Scientific Advisory Board in September 2017, Solving Kids’ Cancer has worked hard to develop a formal, structured, and accredited funding award process to maximise the impact and value of research investments. This has resulted in our acceptance as full members of AMRC benefitting not only Solving Kids’ Cancer and the children we support but the researchers and academic institutions the charity provides grants to.

Delighted and proud

“We are delighted to become AMRC members. We actively pursue more effective and less toxic therapies, to achieve improvements in survival and quality of cure for children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma,” says Leona Knox, Research Coordinator, Solving Kids’ Cancer.

“Our passion is for not only funding research, but importantly shaping and steering how that research is using knowledge and insight gained from the patient community – a concept known as research advocacy.”

Solving Kids’ Cancer is proud of this approach and well-established European and transatlantic links with like-minded advocates and charities. The funding award process has been built on these principles, ensuring the focus of research funding is always firmly rooted in providing benefit to children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma.