Kira Noble has already battled neuroblastoma three times since first diagnosed.

Thanks to enormous public generosity and huge fundraising efforts, as of today (8th May) more than £370,000 has been raised for 14-year-old Kira Noble’s life-saving cancer treatment in New York.

Kira has been fighting neuroblastoma since she was just 11, and has endured years of gruelling treatment to try to get rid of her disease. Sadly, despite best medical efforts it was not possible to remove a growing tumour during a major operation in January 2018. To give Kira the best hope of continuing her life free from this disease, she needs potentially life-saving surgery in the USA. Kira’s parents – Aud and Ronnie – along with her cancer specialist have identified a world-renowned surgeon who specialises in the most difficult to remove tumours. The hope is that he can completely remove Kira’s remaining growth in an operation at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, USA.

The cost of the operation plus associated medical care, travel, accommodation and living costs whilst overseas plus a contingency, was carefully calculated at £340,000. If any funds aren’t required, they will be kept in an appeal fund for a period of time, just in case Kira needs to access it in the future.

Kira’s mum Aud said: “Thank you, thank you for choosing to support our gorgeous girl. We are overwhelmed and humbled by your drive, determination and hard work to get Kira to New York. Raising the money seemed like such a huge mountain we had to climb but it’s been achieved… and then some!”

We hope that Kira will be well enough to travel to New York for her surgery during the week of the 21st May 2018.