Maysaa is four years old. She loves strawberries, ice cream, unicorns, rainbows and all things sweet! She also loves her two older brothers - and bossing them around even more! 

During the lockdown, Maysaa was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival at diagnosis. 

Her family are appealing for your help to raise £106,000 by August 2022 for Maysaa to enrol on the DFMO study at the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte that aims to stop her neuroblastoma from coming back. 

Maysaa’s Story 

During the height of lockdown, Maysaa became very clingy and was off certain foods. By March 2021, her parents noticed her lips had begun to turn blue and her tummy was distended. They took her to the GP who referred Maysaa to a cardiologist. Not satisfied with the outcome, however, Maysaa’s parents decided to take her to the A&E. Following many scans, poking, prodding and tubes she was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a highly aggressive form of childhood cancer. 

“Everything happened so fast and was completely unexpected. We were in a state of shock, we were devastated, and our lives were turned upside-down within a matter of hours,” says Osama and Ihssane, parents of Maysaa. 

Treatment so far 

Maysaa had five rounds of chemotherapy with many hospital admissions for high fevers in between. As Maysaa is immunosuppressed, these fevers could not be ignored. She also underwent an extremely risky surgical procedure to remove as much of the primary tumour as possible. 

“It took the surgeons eight long hours, and it was one of the hardest days of our lives,” say Osama and Ihssane. 

Once Maysaa had recovered from surgery, she had a round of high dosage chemotherapy. She remained in isolation whilst her parents took turns to care for her. Whilst in isolation, Maysaa suffered from very bad mucositis, nausea and diarrhoea. She was on a constant drip of morphine due to the extreme pain she was in.  

“Watching our beautiful baby girl go through some of the most extreme forms of treatment and the side effects they cause has been torturous and tremendously difficult, but the patience and grace with which Maysaa bore them was truly inspirational,” say Osama and Ihssane. 

Maysaa must now endure radiotherapy and immunotherapy once she has recovered from high dose chemotherapy.

Maysaa’s Fundraising Campaign 

Little girl sitting on a bed looking back at the camera with a thumbs up
Maysaa’s parents are asking for your support to help raise £106,000 by August 2022 so that she can, if eligible, access the DFMO study in America once she has completed her frontline treatment.

“If the cancer does return, there is a very poor chance of survival. High-risk neuroblastoma carries a high chance of returning therefore we want Maysaa to receive this treatment as soon as possible after her end of UK treatment scans,” say Osama and Ihssane. 

How you can help  

There are many ways you can help Maysaa: by making a personal donation; by sharing and following her story on Facebook orLittle girl sitting on a sofa smiling Instagram, holding a fundraising event; getting sponsored to take on a challenge.  

To donate by text, send “MAYSAA” followed by any whole amount up to £20 to 70085. This will cost your donation plus your standard network charge. It won’t matter if you leave a space before the number, if you include a ‘£’ sign or whether you use upper or lower case.   

Download our free Maysaa resources below to support your fundraising.   

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You can make a donation via this page.   

If you’d like to help to support Maysaa’s campaign, please get in touch with the fundraising team on 0207 284 0800 and [email protected] 


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