Newly diagnosed

Learning that your child has neuroblastoma can be very frightening and overwhelming. At this time, it is completely normal to feel scared, confused or helpless. It is likely that you will have been faced with lots of information in a short space of time, and your child may have very quickly started treatment. 

Our Family Support team is here to help if your child has recently been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and you are facing this situation. We are here for every family, to provide emotional, practical, and financial support throughout your journey. Our team are all parents whose children have been affected by neuroblastoma, so they truly understand the struggles and challenges that families face. This lived experience makes them perfectly placed to guide and support you and your family at your time of need. 

Explore our range of services to help children and families who have recently received a neuroblastoma diagnosis.

Connect with our Family Support team

Get in touch with our Family Support team who can help you through your neuroblastoma journey.

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Apply for a grant

We provide grants to support families in need. Learn more and apply here.

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Apply for a Support Bag

Our Care and Connect Family Support Bags contain items to support you and your child whilst in active treatment.

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About neuroblastoma

Learn more about the disease including symptoms, treatment and clinical trials.

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Video resources 

Our virtual educational symposium is an opportunity for parents to learn and engage directly with the scientific community on everything from the basics of neuroblastoma, to cutting edge research. Explore the relevant videos from the past three instalments of the Neuroblastoma Parent Global Symposium.

Coping with diagnosis

"Solving Kids’ Cancer UK came into our lives within the first few weeks of Flora being diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. All of a sudden we were thrust into a world so far from what we knew, and our lives filled with fear and uncertainty. They became a safe space for us to talk with people who really understood the position our family were now in. They offered us support and advice, and have now become a lifeline in the moments we really need clarity."

Steph, mum to Flora

Other sources of help

There are several organisations who can offer other types of support including financial support, wishes and treats, and specialist equipment for you and your family throughout your journey.

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