We are fundraising for Flora as our 27 month old little girl Sydney was born with a very rare genetic condition called Primrose Syndrome, she also has horners syndrome, harlequin syndrome, partial agenisis of the corpus collosum, pituitary cyst, bilateral hearing impairment, global development delay.

With Primrose syndrome, it’s very uncertain what we are going to be faced with as Sydney grows up. Over the past few months she has had a major behaviour change and started pulling her hair out, it started with a few strands, to then clumps and now she’s started eating it. She also has a peg feed which keeps getting infections due to the hair getting wrapped round it so we have come to the hardest decision ever in her journey to shave what’s left of her long, thick, brown, curly hair off. This is in the best interest for her and it will grow back.

By doing this we are helping our girl but also helping someone else’s girl at the same time and so decided to put together a fundraising page for flora and hopefully bring in that much needed funding that’s still required for her journey.

Anything at all (big or small) that can be contributed towards this campaign would be greatly appreciated from us so we can help this beautiful girl.

Stacie Miller