Arianna is a beautiful, funny and kind-hearted 5-year-old, who loves dressing up in princess and superhero costumes and playing with her two younger sisters, Mya (3) and Zara (1). Arianna will become a big sister for the third time when her new baby sister joins the family in March 2022.

Arianna is the kindest little girl; she is so thoughtful and considerate of others. She is the one who will always stop and help an injured friend or cuddle a crying sister. She has a heart of gold.

In November 2021 Arianna was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer that has a 40-50% chance of long-term survival at diagnosis.

Arianna’s parents, Chris and Abigail are currently fundraising for potentially lifesaving treatment, either to get their daughter into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if her frontline treatment does go to plan. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Arianna's Story

In July 2021 Arianna started to experience slight upper back pain. At the time it was put down to having a new bed. The pain disappeared for a short time but in mid-November Arianna’s symptoms worsened and the pain moved to her lower back.

After going back and forth to the GP and A&E a number of times; including 3 times in just one day, on the 19th of November, the family were devastated when doctors discovered a tumour on her kidney.

On the 26th of November, Arianna was officially diagnosed with stage 4, high-risk neuroblastoma. Her parents were told the shocking news that her cancer had spread to multiple bones and her bone marrow.

Treatment so far

Arianna is currently undergoing an aggressive treatment plan at Great Ormond Street hospital where her treatment is likely to last between 18-36 months.

Arianna has so far had 6 rounds of her induction chemotherapy, with side effects including extreme nausea, lack of appetite and hair loss. Although in the early stages of treatment, Arianna has already endured so much including biopsies, MRI scans, MIBG scan which includes nuclear medicine, general anaesthetic and blood transfusions.

Arianna’s treatment plan is extensive and once she has completed this stage of treatment she will go on to endure chemotherapy, surgery, high dose chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

"Arianna is so strong and she continues to laugh and smile, taking everything in her stride. Her love of superhero costumes especially her Wonder Woman outfit has given her the strength and confidence on the days when this has been incredibly scary. She has been nicknamed the real life Wonder Woman by her supporters," say parents Chris and Abigail.

Since Arianna’s frontline treatment began, she has spent weeks at a time apart from her adored siblings which have been extremely difficult on all the family. 

Arianna's Fundraising Campaign

Arianna’s family are raising funds for further treatment, either to get their daughter into remission or to try and keep the cancer away if treatment does go to plan. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.  

"We have been incredibly overwhelmed with the support we have received for Arianna. On the darkest days it has been a blessing that we have so many people behind us," say Chris and Abigail.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help Arianna: by making a personal donation; by sharing and following her story on Facebook or Instagram, holding a fundraising event; getting sponsored to take on a challenge.   

To donate by text, send “ARIANNA” followed by any whole amount up to £20 to 70085. This will cost your donation plus your standard network charge. It won’t matter if you leave a space before the number, if you include a ‘£’ sign or whether you use upper or lower case.   

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