In loving memory of Hannah Edwards

Shortly after turning three in May 2003, Hannah began waking through the night in discomfort and lost her appetite. Parents David and Clare started to worry when Hannah became withdrawn, developed high temperatures and started limping on her right leg.

After routine testing at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Hannah was diagnosed with post-viral arthritis and anaemia. The coming months saw no improvement in Hannah’s condition, and after being tested at the hospital again, was given the same diagnosis. It wasn’t until an incident at nursery which left Hannah clutching her hip in pain that she was admitted into hospital for further investigation.

In August of 2003, Hannah was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. After receiving treatment in the UK, Hannah entered remission. However, shortly before Christmas 2006 Hannah relapsed in her left knee, left femur and lower ribs. She immediately began to receive further chemotherapy as well an immune system boosting drug, GCSF. There were some delays in Hannah receiving all cycles of her chemotherapy because her blood platelets were not high enough. Despite this, Hannah responded well to the treatment – her bone marrow once again became clear of neuroblastoma and further stem cells were harvested. In October 2007, Hannah started on a course of oral chemotherapy and results over the following year continued to show that Hannah was responding well to treatment.

However, in August 2009, routine scans showed more disease – Hannah’s leg, femur, pelvis, and neck were now showing neuroblastoma. Hannah continued to battle her neuroblastoma and received radioactive MIBG therapy in London as well as further chemotherapy.  While her family were in contact with American oncologists, Hannah’s disease continued to progress.

On 20th January 2010, Hannah passed away peacefully at home with her family around her. In her memory, her family continue their fundraising efforts to help other children with neuroblastoma.

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