In Loving Memory of Harvey Hext

Beautiful and courageous little superhero, Harvey Hext, passed away in November 2015 at the age of nine.

Harvey’s mum, Sarah, wrote:

“Harvey fell asleep in our arms yesterday surrounded by people he loved and who loved him very much. He is free from pain now but we miss him dearly. My beautiful cheeky Monkey. Life will never be the same.”

Harvey’s story

Harvey had an older sister, Olivia and a twin brother/partner in crime, Spencer. He was three years old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2010.

He was the only child in the world known to have both Down’s syndrome and be affected by neuroblastoma.

He went through two rounds of chemotherapy, two long surgeries, two-week targeted radiotherapy with limited contact and an 18-month course of Cis Retinoic Acid.

To try to help Harvey beat the disease, his family launched a fundraising campaign with the support of Solving Kids’ Cancer so that he could access a pioneering clinical trial in America, which would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Unfortunately, Harvey relapsed and sadly passed away in November 2015 before he could access further treatment.

But the funds the family raised were used to fund a pioneering new drug and any donations in Harvey’s memory will go to Solving Kids’ Cancer, so we can work towards a future where no child dies from neuroblastoma or suffers through treatment.

Harvey touched many people’s hearts and we can never express how grateful we are for all the support we received when fundraising for his treatment abroad. Sadly for us, this treatment was never to be but being able to use the funds for this new treatment, giving hope to other families, is a hugely positive step,” said Sarah Hext, Harvey’s mum.

“Families having to raise funds, and travel across the world for treatment that could help their children beat neuroblastoma is an unacceptable situation to be in. Neuroblastoma is difficult to treat and trials are few and far between but without vital funds for clinical trials, children will continue to be taken by this cruel disease and families will continue to be devastated.”

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