In loving memory of Kyle Crawford

"Kyle was born in March 2012, a normal healthy baby.

He achieved his developmental milestones and was a very happy, healthy toddler until November 2013.Kyle playing with toys in the bath

Our first concern was a slight turn in his eye, which was examined by a specialist who found no problems. Towards the end of November 2013, Kyle began to go off his food and bruising appeared around one of his eyes however, we thought he had hit himself with a toy.

However, further bruising appeared and he attended hospital when reluctant to stand one morning. The hospital diagnosed anaemia and prescribed iron with a follow up in 2 weeks. A couple of days later, Kyle’s condition worsened and he was taken to Yorkhill Hospital, where he was admitted.

After a series of investigations, Kyle was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, upon which he commenced a series of rapid cojec.

Throughout this treatment Kyle maintained his happy cheery nature and always had a smile for everyone- he was known as Smiley Kyle!

Kyle had follow up scans but had not cleared sufficient disease to proceed to surgery and went onto TVD. Unfortunately, TVD was not successful and the disease had become more widespread.

It was then that he was accepted onto the Beacon Trial.

Throughout this Kyle accepted all that was done and the hospital became his second home.

He looked forward to weekend visits from his brother Jamie and his Granny and Grandpa. Mum and Aunty Belinda stayed at the hospital and when he had good spells, took him to the park to feed the ducks and play on the swings. Kyle loved his `blankie` and was never parted from it, he also loved “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” being sung to him after his bedtime story, which was always “The Three Little Pigs”.

After one round on the Beacon Trial, it was clear that Kyle was not responding as he developed swelling of his eye and was in a lot of pain. An MRI revealed further tumour presence, with large one behind the eye which needed urgent radiotherapy.

Kyle attended hospital daily for five rounds of radiotherapy treatment. We were told this was purely palliative to relieve the pressure.

By this time Kyle had had a taste of being at home and all he wanted was to go in the car. When we were told that the disease was so aggressive that there were no other treatment options, we decided that Kyle should be at home with his family as this is what he wanted.

He came home on oral chemo and pain killers and was clearly very happy. Days were spent going to the swing park, playing in his garden playhouse, trying to lead as` normal `a life as possible. We even had a very special day at Blairdrummond Safari Park as Kyle always wanted to see the elephants and was delighted when we did this.

Kyle very rapidly deteriorated, which was clearly the pattern throughout his whole illness and we managed one more fun day, going on a train to the zoo. That day we knew he was deteriorating as he had increased pain killer requirements. We returned to the hospital a couple of days later where he was admitted for further scans, by this time his body was wracked with pain. The scans revealed some devastating news in that there was further disease, with new tumour presence in his spine and skull.   We were very clear that Kyle was not staying in hospital and they achieved pain control with a pump and I took him home as he kept asking for the car!

Kyle spent a week at home and was clearly happy to have family and friends visit regularly. He had his own surroundings and the things he loved most and was visited daily by hospital staff.

Kyle went to sleep on Friday 13th June at 12:15 am with us cuddling him.

Kyle will always be remembered by all as the wee happy boy with beautiful eyes and a captivating smile.

We are fundraising in his memory so others do not have to endure the loss we have suffered. Please give what you can. Every little helps.

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