Luke in bed in hospital playing his guitar

In loving memory of Luke Wiltshire

Luke's family shared the sad news that he had passed away on 12th November 2021.

"Here he is our very own superhero. Yesterday he embarked on his next journey into the virtual world of Marvel in the beyond universe. Gosh I don't need to say it but everyone that was blessed to know luke know the battle he had and the mountains he climbed. He continuously put up the biggest fight and proved everyone wrong.
However he used to always say, I'm not doing it for me. I fight for my loved ones. Oh my boy, he was such a lovely, kind, inspirational, strong and selfless young man. He had so much more to give to this world even amongst his struggles. We had so much fun and made some of his dreams come true and will continue to do so.
He was my favourite human being ever. He helped me more than anyone when my times were dark. A huge part of me went yesterday...but I was so glad I got to tell him I loved him every single day and held him till the very end.
Oh bro... only you can have the true calling from Stan Lee, Marvel (your biggest inspiration) who died exactly the same day 3 years ago.
Please continue to guide you so much bro and I'm so glad you knew. See you on the other side. Forever 23. ❤"

Luke's Story

In September 2012 Luke was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

He had begun to experience back pain so he visited his local GP who originally thought Luke had growing pains. When he made no improvements his family took Luke back to the doctors who believed he had scoliosis. An X-Ray revealed a mass on Luke's left adrenal gland and shadows on his spine.

After this, he was admitted to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and within a week was transferred to Univerity College Hospital, London. Further tests revealed his cancer and his family were given the devastating news that he had Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. Oncologists were adamant that Luke needed immediate treatment and he began a course of chemotherapy.


Since then Luke had four cycles of radiotherapy through LuDo clinical trial, high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, before surgery to remove what was left of the primary tumour and direct radiotherapy.

Remission and living a normal teenage life

Luke finished his treatment in summer 2015 and got the brilliant news he was in remission in October 2015.

He has since gone back to school, started sixth form, all with a dream of a career in performing arts. He's even auditioned for a film! 

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