In loving memory of Millie-Rose Heaton

Before Millie-Rose was two years old, her parents were sitting in a doctor’s surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, reeling from the news that their daughter had neuroblastoma – an aggressive childhood cancer.

Facing a frightening and uncertain future, Millie-Rose’s parents were determined to raise money for their daughter through Solving Kids’ Cancer (then NCCA UK) so that they could take Millie-Rose abroad if they need to.

Millie-Rose was the youngest of three children.

By her first birthday, her parents were worried about her constant stomach trouble, bugs and viruses. A few months later, Millie-Rose’s eyes became discoloured and she developed an unaccountable lump on her head.

By this time Millie’s frantic parents were visiting the doctor every week but antibiotics weren’t helping.

The next step was to take her to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where their worst fears were confirmed – Millie-Rose had cancer and needed urgent tests to diagnose and treat it.

“Time seemed to stop”, said her mother Lyndsay.

“We were in so much shock I don’t think we even knew what the tests were for – we thought maybe it was to see if they’d made a mistake.”

Sadly Millie passed away on the 2nd July 2014 aged three. Her page will remain open for donations in her memory.

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