In loving memory of Phelan Jordan

Phelan was a cheeky, outgoing little boy who passed away in September 2017.

His parents, Cynthia and George, shared this message:

“We are sorry to announce that Phelan grew his wings tonight. He fought a battle that only a few are able to win. We are grateful to you all for the support.”

Phelan’s story

Little Phelan was 18 months old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Initial treatment managed to get him cancer-free but the disease returned just six months later. Phelan was part of the BEACON clinical trial in Southampton and the LuDO clinical trial at University College London, both with the aim of getting back into remission.

But once a child has relapsed their chances of surviving more than five years is less than 1 in 10 – horrible odds that Phelan devastatingly couldn’t beat.

Cynthia and George fundraised with Solving Kids’ Cancer to be able to access treatment overseas if that was the best option. Now that money will help other children and families affected by neuroblastoma, and they are keeping donations open in Phelan’s name.

“Phelan fought this deadly disease for so long to be able to live life like a normal little boy. We tried every option and want other families to be able to do the same, to be able to beat neuroblastoma.”

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