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Adventurous, happy and with lots of friends, Aaron was full of energy, enjoyed life and loved his cats. He was an avid gamer and the biggest technology and YouTube fan. Aaron passed away when he was 11 years old.

Aaron’s story  

Aaron was a fun boy and loved anything Fireman Sam related. He wanted to grow up to be a part-time fireman/part-time teacher. He never had any serious illnesses as a baby. 

While Aaron was riding his bike just before his 4th birthday, he complained about sore legs and hips. His parents then noticed swelling in his groin area. After several visits to the doctors, they took Aaron to the local hospital. The next few days were taken up with blood tests and investigations. Then on 18th August 2011, Louise and Douglas were given the news that Aaron had stage 3 neuroblastoma. 

After Aaron was diagnosed, he started treatment straight away. He had six months of chemotherapy followed by an eight-hour surgery to remove most of the tumour. After this, he was given 15 days of radiotherapy and coped remarkably well throughout. After a couple more surgical procedures Aaron was back on top form and off to primary school. 

In November 2017, Aaron’s parents noticed a lump on the top of his leg, and it was confirmed that Aaron had relapsed. After a discussion with their consultant, a plan was put in place - five rounds of chemotherapy followed by high-dose chemotherapy. The consultant had hoped the high-dose chemotherapy would kill off the cancer and the surgical team at Great Ormond Street Hospital could attempt to remove Aaron’s tumour. But sadly, the chemotherapy didn’t work, and the surgery was not possible. 

Aaron then took part in the BEACON trial in Glasgow between September 2018 to January 2019, but when his scan results showed that his disease had progressed, he was taken off the trial. 

Aaron passed away on 30th May with his mum and dad by his side. 

"On Thursday 30th May at 3pm Aaron our beautiful, brave, most caring boy peacefully left this world with Mum and Dad by his side. Throughout this journey Aaron remained strong and brave, charming all who met him. Even during the most horrible days, he was always so polite. As parents we could not be prouder of Aaron. He has taught us so much in his short life. Fly high beautiful boy, we will miss you xxx."

Aaron’s family

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To our lovely nephew Aaron. Your smile still shines.