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Happy, cheeky, determined Braiden-Lee, passed away when he was seven years old.

Braiden-Lee’s story  

Braiden-Lee began to show signs of illness at the start of 2012. He was two years old and loved Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine, like many other children his age. 

His parents noticed he had started limping and when he also developed a temperature, he was taken to the doctor. He didn’t improve though and was given a diagnosis of septic arthritis – he had surgery. but no infection was found. A few weeks later, Braiden-Lee had a CT scan of his abdomen and legs, followed by an MRI scan. 

Doctors could see ‘something’ and needed to run more tests and take biopsies, and this led to the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. 

Braiden-Lee’s family wished to access antibody therapy in the US in the hope of keeping the cancer away after frontline treatment in the UK was complete. At that time, antibody therapy was not available on the NHS, so his family started to fundraise for the £200,000 needed. Although not all the funds had been raised, there was no time to delay, so Solving Kids’ Cancer UK (then, the Neuroblastoma Alliance) funded the outstanding amount. 

Sadly though, in February 2013 scans confirmed Braiden-Lee had relapsed and the family returned to the UK. Braiden-Lee continued to fight this devastating cancer for another three years.  

He passed away on 1st September 2016 

"My baby boy left us to be with the angels at 4.55am this morning. We are devastated but we know he’s in a better place. Grandad, I hope you came to collect him."

Braiden-Lee’s family

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Donate in loving memory

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