Breya is nine years old, healthy and full of life. She has been in remission since she finished treatment in May 2018. She loves dancing and singing and is totally independent and unique.

Breya’s story

Breya was born a very healthy baby, never having any health conditions. She started nursery like any other child, but mum, Holly, started to notice Breya was catching bug after bug. Breya started to become very unsettled at night, sweating and being sick. She was taken to A&E on two occasions as she was so hot and struggled to breathe. 

Holly began to believe it was a milk allergy causing all of the problems and made more sense when Breya’s stomach started to swell. After a further week of tests, Breya was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, which had spread to her bones. 

"Her behaviour started to change and she became so withdrawn. I pushed and pushed for a blood test, which showed she was anaemic, but I was told to take her to hospital for further checks.

Within a few hours, an oncology specialist sat us down and said the words ‘solid tumour'. The words shot through me but I’m not sure it ever really sank in."

Breya's mum, Holly

Over the next few weeks, Breya’s health deteriorated as she began chemotherapy.

After completing chemotherapy, Breya had a 14-hour operation, radiotherapy, more chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and immunotherapy. Plus complications like an aneurysm in her hip and a severe bone infection in her foot.

The family fundraised so they could do everything in their power to keep Breya free from cancer, and after end of treatment scans showed she was ‘no evidence of disease’ her family flew to America to enrol her on the bivalent vaccine clinical trial, in the hope it would help keep her cancer away. Breya completed the trial in 2019. 

During and after treatment, Breya was quite withdrawn and fearful, however in the years since treatment has ended, she has become much more social and is loving life. School is her favourite place to be and she has lots of friends in her class.  

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High-risk neuroblastoma is an aggressive cancer with high rates of relapse. At relapse, the chance of survival is extremely low. Your donation will support Breya should she need further treatment that is not available through the NHS, or help other children like Breya.

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Funds raised will go towards helping Breya should she need further treatment not available through the NHS. Breya's cancer, high-risk neuroblastoma is aggressive with high rates of relapse. At relapse, the chance of survival is extremely low. If Breya no longer needs the funds or is in remission five years post the end of treatment, the funds will be used to support other children and families affected by neuroblastoma through our activities. 

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